About Zenith Aircraft Company

Zenith Aircraft Company is in the exclusive business of designing, developing and manufacturing kit aircraft. The independent, privately-owned company was formed in 1992 in Mexico, Missouri, centrally located in the United States, and is based in leased 20,000+ sq.ft. production facilities at Mexico Memorial Airport. Zenith Aircraft Company has acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture and market Zenair™ kit aircraft designs from designer Chris Heintz.

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Mail address:
Zenith Aircraft Co.
PO Box 650
Mexico Memorial Airport
Mexico MO 65265 USA
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Zenith Aircraft Co.
5710 East Liberty
Mexico Memorial Airport
Mexico MO 65265 USA
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Phone: 573-581-9000
FAX: 573-581-0011
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Monday to Friday
8 AM – 5 PM Central


Zenith Aircraft Company’s Builder Workshop

Zenith Aircraft Company holds hands-on workshops at its factory to give potential builders the opportunity to learn all about building your own kit aircraft. The annual Open Hangar Day has become a popular event for owners and enthusiasts to fly-in and visit the factory and meet with fellow builders.

Zenith Aircraft Company is a proud member and supporter of the Experimental Aircraft Assoc. (EAA), the Small Aircraft Manufacturers Assoc. (SAMA), the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Assoc. (LAMA), and numerous other organizations dedicated to the advancement of sport aviation. Zenith Aircraft Company is continuously involved in projects devoted to aviation education and the advancement of sport aviation around the world.


Awards and Accomplishments

Zenair designs have been recognized on numerous occasions for their contributions to the industry, including:

Year Award or Accomplishment
1974 ‘Best New Design’ (EAAC) for the prototype Zenith CH 200
1975 Winner of the Pazmany efficiency contest (two seat category)
1975 NASAD (National Assoc. of Sport Aircraft Designers) Seal of Quality (Drawings)
1976 ‘The Eight Day Wonder’ A Zenith was constructed and flown in just eight days during the 1976 EAA Oshkosh convention. EAA president Paul Poberezny presents Zenair with certificate for "service and dedication."
1978 FAI World Record: A Tri-Z CH 300 piloted by Red Morris was flown non-stop from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean (2800 miles in 22.75 hours).
1978 The Dr. A. Raspet Memorial Award was presented to Chris Heintz "for outstanding contribution to the advancement of the design of light aircraft" by then EAA president Paul Poberezny.
1979 NASAD Seal of Quality awarded to all Zenair kits.
1981 University of Wisconsin Certificate of Appreciation for contribution in its Project School-Flight program.
1984 ‘Best New Design’ (EAA Sun’n Fun) for the ZIPPER ultralight.
1984 ‘Best New Design’ (EAAC) for the prototype ZODIAC CH 600.
1985 NASAD Seal of Quality awarded to ZODIAC drawings and kits.
1986 A ZODIAC CH 601 was completely assembled from a kit in only ten days at the World EXPO’86 in Vancouver.
1987 A STOL CH 701 kit was completely assembled and flown in just seven days at the EAA Sun’n Fun fly-in by volunteers supervised by Zenair staff. This feat was repeated at the 1990 and 1991 EAA Sun’n Fun fly-ins and honored ‘Best Workshop’ by Sport Pilot magazine.
1991 EAA Sun’n Fun Convention presented Zenair and Chris Heintz with award for "dedication and generous support" of light aviation.
1992 Zenith Aircraft Company begins manufacturing Zenair kits under license in Mexico Missouri centrally located in the US.
1993 ‘The Seven Day Challenge’ A Super ZODIAC CH 601 HDS was completely assembled and flown in seven days at the Sun’n Fun fly-in convention by volunteers supervised by company staff.
1994 Heintz’ newest design the ZENITH CH 2000 receives FAA and Transport Canada type-certification. Not a kit aircraft the new design is marketed only factory-assembled as an affordable all-purpose two-seater and trainer.
1995 Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) awards Zenair the prestigious 1995 Honorary Group Diploma for "greatly contributing to the progress of aviation."
1996 Zenith Aircraft Company introduces the GEMINI CH 620 twin-engine concept kit aircraft the first "personal twin-engine" kit design in the industry.
1997 Certificate of Appreciation presented to Zenith Aircraft Co. for their "distinguished servicing and appreciation for their contributions in developing promoting and advancing Private and Sport Aviation." Presented by EAA Chapter 229.
1998 Introduction of the new 4-seat STOL CH 801 and the new ZODIAC CH 601 XL. US Aviator magazine awards the ZODIAC XL its "Best Aircraft of Show" award following the introduction of the new design at EAA AirVenture (Oshkosh).
1998 Zenith Aircraft Company doubles the size of its kit production facilities at its Mexico Missouri factory.
1998 Zenith Aircraft Company is awarded the "1998 Excellence in Tourism Award" by the Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce for its "outstanding contributions to further Mexico tourism."
1999 Zenair Ltd. celebrates its 25th anniversary as a kit aircraft manufacturer: A quarter century of excellence and leadership in the kit aircraft industry.
1999 Zenith Aircraft Company is presented with a silver anniversary plaque "in appreciation of 25 years support" to the EAA Sun'n Fun fly-in convention.
1999 Zenith Aircraft Company is named the winner of the first-ever Missouri Industry of the Year Award (small business) presented by Associated Industries of Missouri the Missouri Department of Economic Development and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
1999 Designer Chris Heintz inducted to EAA Hall of Fame.
2001 Designer Chris Heintz awarded "Outstanding Individual" by LAMA / Kitplanes magazine.
2001 For the third consecutive year Zenith Aircraft Company is named to the Deloitte & Touche "FAST 50" program.
2002 Chris Heintz is the recipient of the Recreational Aircraft Assoc. of Canada (RAAC) "Aircraft Designer's Award."
2003 Chris Heintz recognized for his "diligent and sustained effort that provided a direct contribution to the technical integrity of the standards." ASTM Sport Pilot / LSA Committee.
2004 Zenith Aircraft Co. awarded the Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce's 2003 G. Andy Runge Ambassador Award "in appreciation for bringing great statewide and national recognition to Mexico Missouri."
2008 Zenith Aircraft Co. introduces the new STOL CH 750 light sport utility kit airplane design.
2009 Designer Chris Heintz releases book on light aircraft design titled Flying On Your Own Wings – A Complete Guide To Understanding Light Airplane Design.
2009 Zenith Aircraft Company is honored with the 25th annual Commerce and Industry Award from the Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Mexico in recognition "for outstanding contributions to the economic growth of Mexico and for dedicated community service."
2010 PilotMag – the magazine and online guide for adventure flying – names Zenith Aircraft Company as the "Best Overall Kit Aircraft Manufacturer Pick for 2010" (PilotMag's Best Picks for 2010. Nov./Dec.2009 issue)
2011 Chris Heintz is officially honored and recognized at the EAA AirVenture (Oshkosh) international fly-in convention for his many significant contributions to the industry.